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Silicone Fluid

  • PEG-18 Dimethicone
PEG-18 Dimethicone

PEG-18 Dimethicone

  • INCI name : PEG-18 dimethicone
  • Model name: NV-PC802
  • Viscosity (25℃) :1000 - 3000
  • Product description: Polyether silicone fluid

Product name:Cosmetic Silfluid NV-PC802

INCI name : PEG-18 dimethicone

Model name: NV-PC802

Main Composition:PEG-18 modified polysiloxane

Typical properties:

Appearance:Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid.

Viscosity (25℃) :1000 - 3000

Density(25℃) :1.010 - 1.090

Refractive Index (25℃): 1.450 - 1.460

Active content(%): 100


Suitable for both water and solvent based systems

Promote emulsification

High moisture retention

Foam builder,forms a stable foam.


Can be used in formulation with requirements of transparency

Remove sticky feeling

Surface tension depressant and smearing performances.


1.It is water-solubile and has good surface activity and has universality in water and solvent based systems.It provides remarkable wetting property, hydrophilicity, reducing irritation, removing sticky feelings, increasing transparency for gel, anti-static property, softness, moisture retention, air permeability, improving texture for foam, emulsification, and compatibility with formulation.

In addition, it has better effects when incorporated in products of hair jelly, facial cleanser and facial mask essence.

Recommended applications:

Hair and skin care products;

Hair jelly;

Facial cleanser;

Facial mask essence.

Hair care essence;


Shaving soaps.

Recommended dosage:

Skin care products:1.0wt%-3.0wt% of the whole formulation.

Hair care products:1.0wt%-5.0wt% of the whole formulation.

Hair jelly and essence products: 2.0wt%-10.0wt% of the whole formulation.

It can be added at the last stage of manufacture and is effective at low concentration.

It is compatible with most of cosmetic agents,and it is miscible with water.


25 kg/plastic drum,or 200kg/iron drum.

Storage below 25℃ (77℉).

Shelf-life :24 months.