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Applications of silicone in cosmetics and personal care formulations

Silicones are commonly used in cosmetic and personal care formulations,such as skin lotions,skin cleanser,antiperspirant,shaving lotion and cream,makeup,hair care,etc.

Silicones are applied to skin and hair due to their many characteristics.

Typical characteristics consist of:

Non-toxic and physiological, skin affinity;

Low surface energy;

Film forming;



Moisture retention;


Light transmittance;

Volatility and low heat of vaporization;

Soft and smooth effect;

Main product

1.Silicone fluid


Dimethicone gives the formula a smooth,velvety feel,helps to temporarily smooth fine lines and wrinkles,functions as a skin-conditioning agent, and also has some moisture retention.It is used in makeup primers,hair products,moisturizers,etc.

Alkyl dimethicone

Alkyl replace some methyl groups on the main chain of silicone.Compared with ordinary dimethylsilicone oil,alkyl silicone oil remains the low surface tension and high spreadability,while its compatibility with the components of cosmetics(such as mineral oil and vegetable oil ) has been significantly improved. At the same time,it gives higher luster, better skin friendly wettability and easier emulsification,forms a waterproof and breathable film on the skin surface,locks moisture,and makes the skin soft.

It can replace the medium and low viscosity dimethyl silicone oil and cyclosilicone oil in the formula,to improve the product texture,bring more different experiences and provide more options for the formula.

Phenyl silicone oil

Phenyl silicone oil has excellent compatibility with other oily cosmetic raw materials,easily emulsified and added,and gives remarkable high gloss characteristics due to its high refractive index.When used in cosmetics,phenyl silicone oil can provide excellent waterproof and high gloss, silky and soft without greasy;Its emulsion can also be used in leather,home furnishing and other nursing products.

Amino silicone oil

Amino silicone oil is an excellent hair conditioner with low greasiness and massiness,excellent adsorbability, provides softness,thermal protection and color protection for hair care products.

It can be used in combination with basic silicone oil,polyether silicone oil and alkyl silicone oil in shampoo,conditioner,hair dye and baking cream,wigs and various textile finishing, etc.

Polyether silicone oil

Polyether silicone oil can act as an antifoamer,foam stabilizer,wetting agent,emulsifier,humectant and emollient for personal care.

2.Volatile silicone fluid

Volatile low molecular weight dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxanes with excellent dispersion and volatile properties,is widely used in various personal care products as basic fluids.It can reduce the sticky feeling of the formula,improve the spreading performance and make the skin soft, leave a dry and luxurious silky skin.

3.Silicone fluid and gum blends

High molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane dispersed in low viscosity carrier,has excellent silky softness and film-forming performance, endows the product with silky softness,improves the application performance of the product,regulates and repairs hair,especially bifurcated hair.

4.Silicone emulsifier

Silicone emulsifier is efficient,gives good powder dispersion and light skin feel.It can be used to prepare low viscosity W/O or W/Si emulsion in various skin care products,make-up and sunscreen products,especially for all kinds of foundation and sunscreen products,providing light touch.

5.Silicone wax

Oil soluble silicone wax is a long alkyl modified polydimethylsiloxane.According to the length of grafted carbon chain, silicone wax with different melting point range can be made.It has many advantages,such as waterproof,moisturizing,improving luster,adjusting viscosity and so on.It is widely used in skin care,hair care,color makeup and other fields and it is a high-quality raw material for making lipstick,lip gloss,hair removal wax and other products.

Water soluble silicone oil/silicone wax has excellent water solubility,high transparency and good stability.It can impart silk slippery feeling, moisturize,soften and brighten,form a stable dense foam,assist emulsification,improve product stability,enhance conditioning and rich hair. It is widely used in shampoo,hair care and facial mask, essence,toner, perfume,etc.They are especially suitable for the waterborned products to give better moisturizing and brightening effects.

6.Silicone resin

Silicone resin is a film former,which provides transfer and wash off resistance.Meanwhile,it has the characteristics of smoothness, soft coke, sebum control.It improves the durability,sebum resistance,non tacky feel,SPF enhancement and creates a clean long lasting makeup.It can be applied to lip gloss,lip enamel,BB cream,liquid foundation,eye liner,mascara,cream,makeup cream,cream,sunscreen products and so on.

7.Silicon elastomer powder

Silicon elastomer powder provides excellent refreshing,oil control,matte and wrinkle blocking effects.With silky powder texture,it can absorb excessive oil secreted by the skin and regulate the oil balance.

It is easy to disperse and formulate,widely used in eye cream,foundation fluid, powder,eye shadow and sunscreen.

8.Silicone elastomer gel

Silicon elastomer gel is elastic and moisturizing.It provides velvet touch,dry smoothness and silky non-greasy skin feeling,can cover fine lines and wrinkles and give the refreshing matte effect.

It is easy to formulate,acts as a thickening agent,reduces tackiness of formulations,applied to all kinds of high-grade skin care,sunscreen products and make-up recipes,including eye cream, makeup milk,foundation,eye shadow,lipstick,lip gloss,lip balm and so on.

Silicone elastomer emulsion is easy to use in the cream skin care products like cream, gel,essence and so on.

9.Magnesium aluminum silicate

The natural magnesium aluminum silicate has good adsorption,synergistic thickening,excellent thixotropy.It is compatible with anionic, non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants,stable in weak acid to medium alkaline medium.And it is non toxic,non combustible, non irritant, soft and smooth texture.

It can effectively remove and absorb the residual makeup, dirt, impurities and excess oil in the skin texture, exfoliate, accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells,converge the rough pores,fade the melanin cells, and improve the skin color.Widely used in cosmetic inorganic gel (thickening, suspension, emulsification), mask, powder emulsion, moisturizing cream base material (decontamination, detoxification, itching, beauty, moisturizing).

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