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Why silanes are used

Benefits and applications

1.silane reducing agents

Orgaic silanes are hydrocarbon-like and possess the ability to serve as both ionic and free-radical reducing agents. These reagents and their reaction by-products are safer and more easily handled and disposed than many other reducing agents. The metallic nature of silicon and its low electronegativity relative to hydrogen lead to polarization of the Si-H bond yielding a hydridic hydrogen and a milder reducing agent compared to aluminum-, boron-, and other metal-based hydrides.

2. Silane blocking agents

Used as a protecting group for reactive hydrogens in alcohols, amines, thiols, and carboxylic acids. Organosilanes are hydrogen-like, can be introduced in high yield, and can be removed under selective conditions. They are stable over a wide range of reaction conditions and can be removed in the presence of other functional groups, including other protecting groups.

3. Silane coupling agents

Applied to paints, inks and coatings,plastics and composites,adhesives and sealants,mineral and filler treatments,water repellents and surface protection.

(1)A silane coupling agent will act as an interface between an inorganic substrate (such as glass, metal or mineral) and an organic material (such as an organic polymer, coating or adhesive) to bond the two dissimilar materials,bonding to inorganic substrates and bonding to polymers.

(2)Adhesion promoter:

Silanes are effective adhesion promoters when used as additives or primers for paints, inks, coatings, adhesives and sealants.

(3)Hydrophobing and dispersing agent:Alkoxysilanes with hydrophobic organic groups attached to silicon will impart that same hydrophobic character to a hydrophilic inorganic surface. They are used as durable hydrophobing agents in construction, bridge and deck applications. They are also used to hydrophobe inorganic powders to make them free-flowing and dispersible in organic polymers and liquids.

(4)Moisture scavenger :The alkoxy groups of silanes will hydrolyze in the presence of moisture to convert water molecules to alcohol molecules. Organotrialkoxysilanes are often used in sealants and other moisture-sensitive formulations as water scavengers.

4. Silane Crosslinking agents.

The silane crosslinker is used in RTV silicone systems.It can bridge between linear molecules, so that multiple linear molecules or lightly branched macromolecules and polymers can be bonded and cross-linked to form a three-dimensional network structure, to promote or mediate the formation of covalent bonds or ionic bonds between polymer molecular chains.

5. Silane Cross-coupling reagents.

Used in the cross-coupling reactions as the organometallic reagents for carbon-carbon bond formation and introduction of aryl,vinyl,ethynyl groups.

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