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Acetylenic Diol surfactants--an excellent defoaming wetting agent in waterborne system

Acetylenic diol surfactants in primary form

The 100% active ingredients of acetylenic diol surfactant is solid material,slightly soluble in water.It reduces the dynamic surface tension of the waterborne system and exhibits excellent defoaming properties, showing better compatibility with emulsion type resin system.There will be floatation phenomena in the true solution system; the solid products need to be pre-heated to melt into liquid before being used. We also make the products with solvent for customer’s convenient use. For example, TMDD-E,TMDD-A,TMDD-BC,TMDD-H...which are decanediol surfactants, TDD-110D is dodecynylenediol surfactants.

Acetylenic Diol polyoxyethylene ether series products

In order to improve the water solubility of the acetylenic Diol surfactant, the ethoxylated group was grafted to the acetylenic Diol molecule to increase the water solubility of the molecules. The polyoxyethylene ether modified TMDD includes TMDDO120,TMDDO140,TMDDO165,TMDDO185. The water solubility of these models is increased in turn, but the surface tension is decreased and the foam performance is gradually decreased.

The polyoxyethylene ether grafted and modified TMDDO  is superwet NV-130 .It has strong ability to reduce the surface tension, which is called super wetting agent.

Acetylenic Diol surfactants has widely use

In the waterborne coating/inks/adhesive, it is used as base material wetting agent and defoamer;

In metal surface treatment agent,used in degreasing agent, cleaning agent, passivation liquid and other products, playing a role in reducing surface tension and controlling foam.

In the aqueous color paste,used as a wetting agent and defoamer.

In metalworking fluid,used in cutting fluid and lubricant,playing a role in reducing the surface tension and defoamer.

In monocrystalline silicon cutting coolant formula,used as wetting agent and defoamer.



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