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Silicone resin(film former)

  • Magnesium lithium silicate for cosmetics
Magnesium lithium silicate for cosmetics

Magnesium lithium silicate for cosmetics

  • INCI:Magnesium lithium silicate​
  • Model:NV-SiO414
  • Product description:

Product name: Magnesium lithium silicate(cosmetic grade).

INCI:Magnesium lithium silicate

Alias:Laponite RDS


Chemical compositions (dry material):

SiO2: 59.5%

MgO: 27.5%

Li2O: 0.8%

Na2O: 2.8%

Loss on ignition:8.2%


Appearances:Grayish white particles or powder.

Bulk density:1000 kg/m3

Specific surface area:370 m2/g

pH (2% Suspension):9.8

Gel strength:22g min

Sieve analysis:2% Max >250 microns

Free moisture:10% Max

Health index:

Bacterial index≤ 10cfu/g

Index of molds and yeasts ≤10cfu/g

Escherichia coli:≤10cfu/g




This product is suitable for multicolor paint,paper,printing ink,cosmetics, household preparations,toothpaste,surface coating,ceramics,pesticides,pigments, grinding paste,adhesives,etc.,used as protective agent,thixotropic agent,suspending agent,anti flow hanging agent,sizing agent,dispersant and adhesive,and can also be used as carrier for flavor,pigment,enzyme preparation and medical pharmaceutical excipients, etc.

Using method:

It is an excellent thixotropic agent in organic solvents. The amount of solvent shall be limited to or not exceed the following concentrations:

Methanol 50%, ethanol 30%, isopropanol 30%, ethylene glycol 50%.

It needs to be mixed with water system or water under high shear. It is usually added before other components.

When added to the system,dispersed or grinded first,and then add other components, it can also be configured to pre gel.

If softened water is used, its viscosity will gradually rise within 24 hours.While in hard water, its viscosity will rise very fast, and the use of warm water is more conducive to dispersion.

Compared with pure water system, the system using water and solvent has higher viscosity. The more organic solvents, the lower the transparency and stability of the system. Its pre-gel is stable under neutral and alkaline conditions. It has the best effect when the pH value is  5.5-13.

It is not suitable for acidic systems.

Package:Paper buckets, 25 kg / bucket

Storage:It is hygroscopic and must be stored in dry conditions.