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  • Magnesium aluminum silicate For Cosmetics
Magnesium aluminum silicate For Cosmetics

Magnesium aluminum silicate For Cosmetics

  • INCI:Magnesium aluminum silicate
  • Model:NV-SiO410
  • Cas No:71205-22-6
  • Al/Mg:0.5-1.2
  • Product description:

Product name: Magnesium aluminum silicate (cosmetic grade).


INCI:Magnesium aluminum silicate

Cas No:71205-22-6


Molecular weight:262.434000

Technique Data (test method USP/NF):

Appearances:Grayish white particles or powder.

Solubility:dispersible in water

Water content(%,105℃)<8.0


Acidity grade≤4.0

PH value(5% water dispersion): 9-10

Viscosity(room temperature,5% water dispersions,after24h aging) : 800-2200cps

X-ray diffraction:max.1.492-1.504, 1.510- 1.540, and 15.0-17.2 emi.

Health index

Bacterial index≤ 100cfu/g

Index of fungi and yeast≤100cfu/g

Escherichia coli:not detected

Salmonella:not detected

Staphylococcus aureus:not detected

Pseudomonas aeruginosa:not detected

Anaerobic gram negative bacteria:not detected




Characters:Odorless,non-toxic,soft and smooth texture,non irritant, non combustion.

It is mainly used as auxiliary materials in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of its water absorption, suspension, dispersion, cohesiveness and thixotropy, it has the function of emulsification and adsorption as auxiliary materials of preparations, which is an excellent pharmaceutical auxiliary material. Magnesium aluminum silicate is collected in the United States Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia and the British Pharmacopoeia respectively. It is also included in the new products of pharmaceutical preparations in China Development guide.


It has lamellar striate structure and non-uniform electrical distribution, which has strong selective adsorption on some viruses, pathogens and toxins in the digestive tract.

2. Filter agent:

In pharmaceutical production, it can act as adsorbent and filter.

3. Emulsifier and ointment matrix:

It can be used as thickener of ointment and paste, or as emulsifier of ointment matrix and emulsion.

4. Adhesive:

It has some viscidity, which can be used in the field of dentistry. It can be made into dental cement powder to treat oral diseases.


It is a kind of mineral with nanometer structure. It can be used as catalyst carrier in chemical synthesis. It can also be used as carrier of pesticide (insecticide, bactericide) to make pesticide highly dispersed. It can be used as carrier of insect repellent in pharmaceutical field. When antiparasitic drug is added into magnesium aluminum silicate, it can be made into intestinal insect repellent.

6. Excipients:

It can be used as pharmaceutical auxiliary material, which has superior disintegration performance and has no effect on nervous system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

It is mainly used in suspension, pharmaceutical auxiliary materials (emulsifier and ointment matrix, filter agent, adhesive, adsorbent, excipient, disintegrating agent, controlled release agent, carrier), pesticide gastric lavage and antidote, etc.



Paper buckets, 25 kg / bucket

Storage:It is hygroscopic and must be stored in dry conditions.