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Special Modified Silicone Fluid

  • Single ended acrylate silicone oil
Single ended acrylate silicone oil

Single ended acrylate silicone oil

  • Product code: NV-SiF2081
  • Active content:100%
  • 1000,2000
  • Product description: Used in PA systhesis

Product code:NV-SIF2081

Alias:Mono acrylate terminated silicone oil

Typical properties:

Appearances:light yellow transparent liquid

Active content:100%


Molecular weight:1000,2000


It is a modified polysiloxane with chemical reactivity, which can react with acrylate resin to improve the hydrophobicity and softness of UV coating.

It is especially suitable for radiation curing system, crosslinkability, high miscibility, good recoating and printing properties, and slightly increase smoothness.

Recommended dosage:

Wood coatings: 0.5-1%

Printing ink and surface varnish: 1-2%

Can coatings: 0.5-1%

Plastic coatings:0.5-1%

Use guide:

Add it in the coating in the form of original or pre diluent.

Pre-dilution with the recommended solvent can simplify the mixing operation.

Package and storage:

25Kg/200Kg 。

Sealed storage, 12 months under normal temperature.

Contact with tin (such as metal containers) will shorten the storage stability.