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Special Modified Silicone Fluid

  • Single ended monohydroxypropyl silicone oil
Single ended monohydroxypropyl silicone oil

Single ended monohydroxypropyl silicone oil

Product name:Single ended monohydroxypropyl silicone oil

Typical propertes:

Appearances:colorless or yellow transparent oily liquid


Viscosity (25°C):30-100cp

Molecular weight:1000,2000

Character and Benefits:

1.Reactive single-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil , can be used to artificial silicone-polyurethane/polyester block copolymers.

2.One end is silicone group and the other end is hydroxypropyl group,which has both the hand feeling brought by silicone and the anti-graffiti peroperty. It has better hand feeling and anti graffiti effect than ordinary double-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil.

3.Improves low temperature flexibility and softening.

4.Gives the polymer good processing fluidity.

5. Gives the polymer excellent release and anti-adhesion due to the automatic surface effect of silicone.

6.Provides abrasion and scratch resistance.

7.Provides good lubricity.

8.Provides water repellency.

9.Improves temperature resistance;


Mainly used in silicone rubber, polyurethane, coating, etc.

1.Used for production of  solvent-based anti-graffiti coatings based on polyurethane.Provides marker resistance,and very good antigraffiti-effect.Offers excellent hydro-and oleophobic properties.It gives additional release effect.

2.It can be used as release agent.

Recommended dosage: 0.5%~5% of the total formula.

Package:25kg/drum.Sealed storage for 12 months in normal temperature.