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Silicone Resins

  • Methyl MQ silicone resin (M/Q 0.95)
Methyl MQ silicone resin (M/Q 0.95)

Methyl MQ silicone resin (M/Q 0.95)

  • Model Name:NV-MQ904
  • Solid content:≥95%
  • M:Q value:0.95:1
  • Product description: Methyl MQ silicone resin (M/Q 0.95)

Product name :Methyl MQ silicone resin  (M/Q 0.95)


Molecular Structure :


M=[(CH3)3SiO1/2],  Q=[SiO4/2]

The ratio of M:Q decides the special properties and applications of the resin.


A kind of Si-O based solid (nonlinearity).

1.Excellence high and low heat resistance,that can be used from -60℃to +300℃

2.Superior film formation agent,moderation flexible character,and aging resistant and ultraviolet ray resistant.

3. Excellent water-proofing.

4. Preferable adhesion property.

5. Excellence moulding agent.

Typical properties:

Appearances:white or light yellow gel solid

Solid content:≥95%

M:Q value:0.95:1

Solvent:D5,silicone oil(PDMS),120# solvent oil,toluene,xylene.


1. Be applied to high temperature resistant paint, for insulation, bonding and sealing of class H motor;

2. Be used in all kinds of waterproofing paint;

3.Protective coatings used on outdoor signs and antiques.

4. Be used to make release agent of various materials;

5. Be Used as a stripping force regulator to make pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

6. Be used as a tackifier for inorganic and organic materials.

7. As a reinforcing agent in silicone rubber, the reinforced silicone rubber is colorless and transparent with high mechanical strength.


1.Add it directly in the system after heated it into liquid;

2.Or add in the system after diluting with solvent.(e.g benzene, xylene and so on );

3.If the product is used in colorless and odorless system,it should be dispersed with colorless and odorless dispersant (such as silicone oil).



The solvent based products should avoid sunshine and source of ignition in the transport. According to the different solvent, the products should be divided into dangerous and non-dangerous goods. Non-solvent products should be transported as non-dangerous products.