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Silicone Resins

  • Methyl MQ silicone resin for condensation cure PSA
Methyl MQ silicone resin for condensation cure PSA

Methyl MQ silicone resin for condensation cure PSA

  • Model Name:NV-MQ940
  • Cas no.:68988-56-7
  • Sodium silicate method
  • Condensation cure PSA
  • Product description: Silcone resin,used for condensation cure silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

Product name:Methyl MQ silicone resin


Cas no.:68988-56-7

Molecular Structure :


M=[(CH3)3SiO1/2],  Q=[SiO4/2]

The ratio of M:Q and the structural nature of the M decides the special properties and applications.


It is the co-hydrolysate of tetra-alkoxysilane (Q unit) and trimethylethoxysilane (M unit).

It can be regarded as a 3D network structure of polysilicate terminated by trimethylsilane group, containing some ethoxyl and hydroxyl functional groups.

It is prepared by sodium silicate method.


1.In PSA industry:

To improve the cohesive strength of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and adjust the peeling force.

2.In the field of release agent:

It is a release agent with high efficiency and high compatibility.

Typical properties:

Appearances:white or light yellow gel solid

M:Q value:0.8-1.0

Molecular weight(g/mol):3000-4000

Bulk density(g/cm3):0.25

Average particle size( μ m): 100

Hydroxy content(%):3.0-5.0


1.Used in condensation pressure sensitive adhesive and condensation reinforcing filler.

2. Used in release / demoulding agent.

Especially in polyurethane processing, this product can be used to prepare high solid content of release agent or solvent based anti adhesion agent, with excellent release performance . When used as the release agent of silicone polyurethane, the post coating performance of molded parts mainly depends on the formula of the release agent. It is suggested to test and adjust according to different application conditions.


25 kg or 200kg drum. Packaging options are available upon request.