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Acetylenic Diol Surfactants

  • Low foam Super Wetting Agent
  • Low foam Super Wetting Agent
  • Low foam Super Wetting Agent
Low foam Super Wetting AgentLow foam Super Wetting AgentLow foam Super Wetting Agent

Low foam Super Wetting Agent

  • Model Name:NV-DF130
  • Chemical Composition: Modified Acetylenic Diol Surfactants
  • Active content:100%
  • Ionicity:Nonionic
  • Product description: Acetylenic diol surfactants.Gemini surfactants.

Product Name:Low foam Super Wetting Agent

Model Name:NV-DF130

Category:acetylenic diol surfactants

Chemical Composition: Modified Acetylenic diol surfactants (Nonionic)

Product Character:

Some of the benefits include:

• Application to waterborne system.

• Low static and dynamic surface tension.

• To promote substrate wetting of waterbased systems by reducing both the equilibrium and dynamic surface tension.

• Enhance flow and leveling

• Low foam.

• Low VOC .

• Low water sensitivity.

• Not to interfere with recoatability/intercoat adhesion.

Typical Properties:




Pale yellow liquid

Active content


VOC (%)


Solubility in distilled water

Self emulsifying

Surface tension(0.1%)

1b/s (static)


6b/s (dynamic)


Recommended Applications

Application to water-based system requiring low VOCs, outstanding surface wetting, low foam and low water sensitivity characteristics:

• Water based printing ink:

• Watert based wood coatings

• Metal coatings

• Concrete sealers.

• Floor polish.

• Leather coatings.

• Architectural paints

• Metal/plastic primer and top coats

• Water based adhesives.

• Especially for water-based PU systems


0.1-2% wt% , the optimal addition levels should be determined by runnning a ladder study.

It may be effective at 0.1wt% in clear formulations.For highly resinated/ pigmented systmes ,the addition may be high to 1.0wt%.

Direction for use:

1.In the formulation or mix procedure,maintain adequate stir and allow mix at least 15-30 minutes. More suitable heat added if the viscosity sires.

2.Add NV-DF130 surfactant at last,especially after other surfactant or polymer have been added.This will allow the max. rate of dissolution or dispersibility of NV-130 surfactant into the system.


Galvanizing drum,180KG/drum OR up to client’s request.