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Silicone Fluid

  • Cetyl Dimethicone
Cetyl Dimethicone

Cetyl Dimethicone

  • INCI name:Cetyl Dimethicone
  • Model:NV-PC423
  • Viscosity(25℃,mm².s):200-400cst
  • Product description: Alkyl silicone fluid

Product name:Cosmetic Silfluid NV-PC423

INCI name : Cetyl Dimethicone

Model name: NV-PC423

Main Composition: Cetyl polydimethylsiloxane

Typical properties:

Appearance:colorless and light yellow clear liquid.


Refractive Index (25℃):1.430-1.440

Non-volatile content ≥95%

Specific gravity(25℃):0.90-0.93


High refractive index;

Compatible with oil;

Low surface tension and easy to spread

Dispersion of powder

Improve touch and spreadability

Good air permeability with refreshing

Non-greasy, waterproof

Replaces low viscosity silicone oil and more refreshing

Lubricity and mold release;

UV resistant,enhance SPF.


It can replace the traditional low-viscosity silicone oil, giving the product a refreshing, non-greasy, more skin-friendly moisturizing and waterproof effect, and has a dispersion effect on the foundation and sunscreen powder base.

It is UV resistant,that is especially suitable for foundation and sunscreen products.And it is applied to a variety of skin care, hair care and color cosmetic products.

Recommended applications:

Sunscreen, skin cream;

Color cosmetics,such as :Liquid foundation; Foundation cream、lipstick、 puff cake.

Hair care products,such as :hair conditioner, essence, hair oil, anti-sweat and deodorant products

Recommended dosage:

Skin care products: 0.5-5.0wt% of the whole formulation.

Sunscreen and foundation: 1.0-5.0wt% of the whole formulation.

Color cosmetics: 0.5-5.0wt% of the whole formulation.

Hair oil and essence: 3.0-10.0wt% of the whole formulation.

It can be added at the last stage of manufacture and is effective at low concentration.

It is compatible with various of silicone oil and grease, but it is insoluble in water.


20 kg/plastic drum,or 160 kg/iron drum.

Storage below 25℃ (77℉).

Shelf-life :24 months.