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Applications Of Silane Coupling Agents In Foundry Industry

In the process of casting production, many natural and synthetic resins are used as the molding and core sand binder. Due to the great differences in structure and properties between sand and resin, it is not easy to produce chemical bonds between them, nor can they penetrate and dissolve each other, mainly reply on the mutual attraction between molecules at the interface. Therefore, simply increasing the area and quantity is not enough.Coupling agent is usually used to enhance the bonding effect, that is, to enhance the bonding force between resin mold and sand interface.

The addition of silane coupling agent can not only increase the strength of the resin sand, but also organically combine the resin and sand particles through chemical reactions. At the same time, it will reduce the total gas evolution of the resin, reduce the defects of castings, and improve the high temperature performance and heat stability the resin sand, thereby effectively improving the quality of castings and reducing costs.

●Phenolic resin and furan resin are important synthetic resin binders in the foundry industry.Silane coupling agents can modify these resinsto obtain high-strength resin materials

●Improve the mechanical strength and processing performance of casting resin



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