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Silicone Wax

  • PEG-18 Dimethicone -Wax
PEG-18 Dimethicone -Wax

PEG-18 Dimethicone -Wax

  • INCI name : PEG-18 dimethicone
  • Model name: NV-PC852
  • Melting point : 32-38℃
  • Product description: Water soluble silicone wax

Product name:Cosmetic SilWax NV-PC852

INCI name : PEG-18 dimethicone

Model name: NV-PC852

Main Composition: PEG-18 modified polysiloxane

Typical properties:

Appearance:Milky white semi-solid

Density(40℃) :1.03-1.08

Melting point : 32-38℃

Active content(%): 100%

Refractive index:1.44-1.46


100% water soluble silicone wax.

Non toxic, mild and non irritating;


Compatible with polar raw materials in cosmetics

Excellent foam stability

Good wetting, spreading, softness and moisture retention

Excellent gloss durability

Can be used as emollient and emulsifier

Film former and soft.


1.Can be used in cosmetics, skin care, hair care and other products: good compatibility with the raw materials in the formula;The lower melting point makes the product easier to add and operate, and has the function of assisting emulsification

2.It is completely dissolved in water, and can be used in transparent formulations,significantly improve the wettability and spreading of creams, washing products, anti perspiration, anti odor agents and other products;

3.Liquid soap and shampoo:increase foam effect, soften skin and hair, and reduce the creaminess of the liquid soap of the surfactant.

4.It can improve the moisturizing and softness of the formula.

Application recommend:

Skin care / cleansing cream (milk), shampoo and hair care

Facial mask essence, moisturizing essence

Water based moisturizing products and cosmetics

Use method:

Liquid washing products:0.3-1.0% addition

Essence products:0.5-3.0% addition

Water-based moisturizing products:1.0 - 5.0% addition


Storage below 25℃ (77℉).

Shelf-life :12 months.